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Everything you need to create scroll-stopping, high-converting, professional-quality graphics that help you stand out online, grow your reach and sell out your offers.

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Standing out from the crowd   doesn't have to feel  this hard

You know you have so much value to bring to the world with your amazing content and offers. But for some reason, all of that amazing value keeps getting lost in the online noise.

It seems like everyone else looks totally put-together online, with engaging social content that stops the scroll, lead magnets that look professionally designed, and stunning blog graphics that keep you coming back for more…

And you want a piece of that pie.

...without spending hours a day trying to design everything on your own.

It's time to say   goodbye   to...


Generic templates

Generic free Canva templates that make your content look like everybody else’s out there.


Time wasted

Spending hours looking for inspo + trying to recreate it... even though you know it so isn’t the best use of your time in your business.


Expensive designers

Wishing you could finally hire a full-time designer to join your team, so you could consistently make a stronger impact with your graphics.

Because here's the truth, love...

What you really need is...

  • An easy way to create gorgeous graphics for your business, without spending hours playing with complicated software or falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole looking for inspo
  • A system for your graphics that makes everything you create look effortlessly put-together and consistent, across all your online channels
  • An elevated, professional brand, without the four-figure monthly fee of hiring a full-time designer to create all your visuals for you.
  • Consistent beautiful visual inspiration and solutions for your opt-ins, challenges, launches, digital products, new offers, and more

And the best news? You’ve already found that — and so much more!

The Canva Template Shop Membership gives you everything you need to...

Stand out + sell your amazing offers online


...all without the headache, huge learning curve, or the cost of adding a graphic designers to your team.

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This  isn't  your average
template membership

With The Canva Template Shop Membership, you’re not just going to get a monthly drop of one template in three different color variations. 

We know you need so much more than that, love.

You need graphics that keep things interesting for your audience while building strong brand recognition and allowing your value-packed content to shine.

That’s why our templates are professionally designed and carefully curated, with a variety of matching templates to choose from & customize.

We know you care about feeling put together and on-brand across your entire business, and we’re committed to making you feel excited about what you get each and every month.

“A whole lot easier and faster than doing it from scratch”

These templates allow you to create content on multiple places online and have everything all work together in perfect harmony (which you know is my jam).

They make everything I teach a whole lot easier and faster than doing it ALL from scratch. If you’re wanting to branch out and start creating content that is unique to each platform but fits together in a nice puzzle to share your message, then you need these templates.

— Rosemary Watson
Meet your new biz BFF

The Canva Template Shop


Instant access 550+ unique Canva template designs

From Insta to Facebook, YouTube to Pinterest, and every freebie, digital download, or course-companion doc you could ever need, you have access to it all.

(Oh, and did we mention unlimited downloads?)


New templates every single month

You’ll be the first to get your hands on our new templates, dropping each month — even before they hit the shop’s virtual shelves.

And the best bit? Members even have opportunities to submit design requests!


Member-only templates

Did someone say exclusive perks? Members have the chance to get their pretty little manicured hands on templates that were created just for you.


Quarterly bonus drop

We’ve partnered up with amazing professionals from other industries to give you stock photos, copy templates, and other incredible bonuses on a quarterly basis.


Access to a community of like-minded business owners

Join a private Facebook group exclusively for members where you can collaborate, ask questions, network, and share your gorgeous graphics with one another for inspo.


Exclusive access to retired collections & templates

We’re pulling some of our beloved, limited edition templates from the vault, just for Canva Template Shop Members.

But that's not all

We know that to really feel confident in the graphics you’re creating and the content you’re putting out in the world, you need more than just templates. You need support.

Which is why, as a member, you also get access to…

Feedback on your graphics + branding

Members of The Canva Template Shop team are in the private Facebook group with you, ready to answer any questions you have and make suggestions on how to take your designs to the next level.

We promise to keep things jargon-free and give you advice that’s easy to implement, even if you have limited design knowledge.

marketing + content strategy trainings

Not only do we show you exactly how to customize your templates, but we also want to show you how you can use your graphics to achieve your business goals!

Previous topics for these bonus trainings have included why and how to create a free Facebook group for your audience; how to create an effective email auto-responder; and how to DIY an on-brand logo.

Bonus content from team NS + experts

Every quarter, we partner share a bonu training or template or partner with experts in our network to provide you with value-packed bonus resources that’ll help you take your templates to the next level and truly shine online.

Previous drops have included a mock-up template and training, a free stock video collection, and copywriting trainings.

That sounds amazing โ€” Count me in!

“It feels like a divine gift. I am about to get so much done!”

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I am that I came across your stuff while sifting through hundreds of templates. It feels like a divine gift. I am about to get so much done!

— Dr. Kimberly Boileau

What's included?

As a member, you unlock every template in The Canva Template Shop, plus new templates as they’re dropped every month. In other words, no matter what you want to create, we’ve got a template to help you bring your vision to life.

Get a sneak peek inside of the membership portal:
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Inside The Canva Template Shop membership, you'll find:

Blog & Pinterest Templates

Text-only blog posts only get you so far, love. You need eye-catching graphics to break up your content + make your posts totally pin-able — especially if you want to get your genius in front of more eyes! These templates will upgrade your content game without extra hours on content creation.

Facebook Group Templates

Don't want to be "just another" Facebook Group, but aren't sure how to stand out from the crowd? With our Facebook Group Canva templates, you can easily whip up gorgeous graphics that give your Facebook group a fun, modern, “I-can’t-wait-to-hang-out-here” look + vibe right from the start. 

Facebook Page Templates

Let's turn your Facebook page into a totally on-brand mini-website that showcases your biz the way it deserves. With these Canva templates, sprucing up your Facebook page and WOW-ing your soon-to-be super fans has never been easier. 

IGTV Templates

The content + value you share in your IGTV videos is pretty amazing. What if they looked pretty amazing, too? These IGTV Canva Templates will help you keep your video content looking profesh + on-brand, so you can get more eyes on your videos + give viewers a real taste of the magic you bring to the table.

Instagram Square Templates

Want your Instagram to look Insta-glam, but don’t have time to create content from scratch every. single. day? With our Instagram Squares templates, you have everything you need to create gorgeous graphics on the fly — so you can have a totally on-brand Instagram feed that makes it irresistible for dream clients to tap on that follow button.

Instagram Story Templates

Ever wish your Instagram stories looked a little more professional + on-brand… but not sure where to start? These Instagram Story Canva Templates help you uplevel your content game in no time, so you can create Stories that keep followers clicking that link in bio + sliding into your DMs on a daily basis.

Lead Magnet Templates

Worksheets? Workbooks? Ebooks? Roadmaps? You name it, you can create it. Say hello to freebies that look profesh and on-brand (without dropping hundreds to hire a designer). These templates will help you create lead magnets that look just as WOW-worthy as the content you’ve put in them… in less time than it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee! 

Slide Deck Templates

Coming up with the content for your webinar, masterclass, or presentation is hard enough. Why spend HOURS designing your slide deck, too? Our slide deck Canva Templates will help you create gorgeous, on-brand presentation slides in no time, so you can convey your message, keep your audience’s attention, and look totally put-together while doing it.

Facebook Ad Templates

Facebook ads can make a HUGE impact on the rate at which you grow your business, and you’re beyond ready to use them to sell out your offers. With these Canva templates, creating scroll-stopping Facebook ads that convert cold traffic into red-hot buyers has never been easier. Let's get that money, honey!

YouTube Channel Templates

Are you tired of posting consistently on your YouTube channel but not seeing any results? These Canva templates will make your YouTube channel look 10x more professional, so you can get MORE ideal clients to subscribe — and reach for the popcorn while they binge-watch all your videos. ;) 

Semi-Custom Logo Kits

Want to create a stand-out, professional-quality brand for your business, but can’t quite afford a graphic designer yet? These semi-custom logo Canva templates can help. Fully customizable to fit your vision and existing brand elements (fonts, colors, etc.), they allow you to create unique logos that enhance your brand image and create greater brand recognition.

Email Signature Templates

Every single touchpoint you have with your audience is important — and your emails should be no exception! Our email signature templates allow you to effortlessly uplevel your emails to match your other branding and marketing efforts. Includes a how-to training showing you how to customize your templates, upload them into your email platform, and test them.

Curated bundles for challenges, shops, lead magnets, and more!

Don’t have time to search through all of the templates to find what you need? We’ve got you, love. We’ve curated special template bundles for your five-day challenge, your shop graphics, your lead magnets, and more. Open them up, pick the template that speaks to you, plug in your content, and you’re ready to go!

Yes puh-lease, I want all of this!

“A must for content-focused entrepreneurs!”

These templates are a MUST for content-focused entrepreneurs!

As a writer and a coach, there's so much knowledge that I love to share with my audience and clients. Thanks to Nicholette's templates, I never have to worry about sending an ugly block of text or if anyone will even bother to read my content.

My graphics perfectly align with my brand aesthetic and displays my expertise in a clear, powerful way. I'm saving time and making more money - a double win!

— Melanie St. Clair
Goodbye blank screen of doom

Hello inspiration on   tap

Sometimes taking action — the kind that catapults your growth and takes you to the next level — is just a matter of having the right tools at your fingertips.

That’s why we designed this membership to be the only resource you need to…

Stand out online you can become an authority and inspiration in your niche

Grow your visibility & reach you can get more eyeballs on your amazing content and offers

Look more professional and put-together you can fully feel like the badass business owner you already are

Create an instantly recognizable brand you become in-demand and create stronger relationships

Become a member   today

Get immediate access to all templates in The Canva Template Shop

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  • Monthly template drops
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Hi, love. I’m Nicholette.

Wife, mom, designer, and owner of The Canva Template Shop.

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify & streamline their brands and businesses — because I believe having a grounded, lasting business that brings in sustainable income doesn’t have to mean complicated systems, a busier work schedule, or more stress.

I know what it’s like to be a busy entrepreneur, wearing ALL the hats. But I also know how much time, energy, and opportunity you open yourself up to when you find perfect shortcuts for your business.

And that’s why I created The Canva Template Shop Membership.

Because even if you don’t have an eye for design, creating graphics for your business should never feel daunting, time-consuming, or overwhelming.

You deserve graphics that feel...

Cohesive, on-brand, meticulously curated, and beautifully blended with your business

And you deserve to create those graphics with way more ease.

So you can focus on getting your message out there, serving your clients, and bringing your personal brand of magic to the world.

Rooting for you, always.

“High-converting Facebook Ad graphics in just a couple of hours!”

I love playing around in Canva, but sometimes I need something quick - and that's when I love to have this membership.

These templates have been a total lifesaver for me over the last few weeks. I was able to create high converting Facebook Ads in just a couple of hours, and showing up consistently on social media has been 10x easier (and more beautiful).

This is hands down one of the best resources I own!”

— Megan Taylor

Seems too good to be true?

See what other fans + members have to say:


Got questions? I’ve got answers!

The moment of truth

You (or your social media manager, or your VA) can keep DIY-ing from scratch every single time.

Yes, you could hire a high-end design team to make you look ah-ma-zing every single time you post online.

And you could 100% keep experimenting, doing things without a plan, and puzzling your visuals together piece by piece.

Or instead, you could save yourself all that time and effort doing something even more important.

Like taking a call with yet another dream client. Or taking your dog for a walk. Or, you know, doing the things you’re actually a total rockstar at doing.

And the best bit? You’ll feel + look so put together online.

Become a member   today

Get immediate access to all templates in The Canva Template Shop

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Per year

  • Get two months free!
  • Instant access to 550+ Canva template designs, including retired collections
  • Monthly template drops
  • Quarterly bonus content drops
  • Facebook community membership
  • Unlimited downloads
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  • Instant access to 550+ Canva template designs, including retired collections
  • Monthly template drops
  • Quarterly bonus content drops
  • Facebook community membership
  • Unlimited downloads
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  • Buy templates on an as-needed basis
  • Easy to upgrade to the membership later
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