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There's no question about how important it is for you to show up online if you want to grow your business. An online presence can do a lot for you: connect you with your customers, act as an avenue to advertise your products, and give your visitors the latest 411. 

But if people can't see what you're doing, how the heck are they going to buy from or work with you? While you’re hitting the ground running getting your brilliant content and marketing strategies off the ground for the year, let's not forget to update your Facebook page!

Outdated information, unfortunately, can cause people to take your business a little less seriously. It can convey the wrong message — that you're not an active participant in your own business — and can make the user experience confusing.

You want your audience to be sure about who you are and what you do, but they can't do that if they don't have up-to-date info and consistent visible elements to help them identify your brand.

Don't worry if you left out updating your Facebook business page on your 2022 to-do list! We've made a brilliant Facebook page update checklist to help you cover your bases and make sure your page reflects the most current version of your brand. 

Let's dive in!



Utilize Facebook banners

Having a business page on Facebook means that thousands of people are likely to discover your page. Can you imagine the revenue you could bring in if just half of one thousand people bought one of your products or if a third booked your services? CA-CHING!

Here's the truth, love. Your Facebook banner is the very first thing visitors see when they go to your business page. It immediately communicates your vibe and helps them know if they should stay or book it for the exit sign.

The thing is, you have less than a second to communicate your main focal point, so make it count!

Though it seems like a lot is riding on your Facebook banner, don't fret! Creating a beautiful banner that supports your business goals is as easy as 1-2-3!


Update important information

Since social media platforms are updated more often than websites and provide your audience with more opportunities for interactions, your Facebook page can be seen as a "real-time" source of important information. 

If a potential customer comes onto your page looking for the link to buy your best-sellers or book your latest service, but they end up finding the "ERROR: 404" page instead, that's the real-life equivalent to your dollar bills flying out of the window. 

We would hate to see that happen to you over something so easy to fix! Do us a favor and put an appointment on your calendar right now to check if all of your information is up to date. Here's what you should check:

  • Call-to-action buttons: Are they sending users to the correct place? Do they need to be directed to your latest free resource, shop page or a connect call with you? Make sure you're making it quick and easy for them to take the most important action on your page.
  • Business hours: Are the correct ones listed?
  • About section: Did you add any new services? Be sure your about section reflects what your business is doing right now and who you aim to serve. 

Remember, you want to make things as clear and concise as possible.


Clear branding 

Let's say you've recently given your brand a little refresh. You've updated your website with all the goods, like new headshots and refined color pallets. However, your Facebook page still has some of your old brand elements attached to it. 

Maybe it's an older version of your logo or a color in your banner you don't really use anymore. These may not seem like big things. After all, they can still tell it's your business, right?

That's true! They probably aren't going to mistake you for another business, but what they will be confused about is the message that your brand is sending. 

A lack of clear branding unique to your business will ultimately confuse your audience and make it more difficult for them to know what you're all about. Make consistency your focus rather than pulling out all the stops. We believe branding should be stress-free!


Build your online community through groups

As you grow your business, staying visible is key! Facebook groups allow people a place to network, brainstorm, and even vent! They are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and share ideas.  

By crafting a welcoming space geared towards helping business owners level up their designs, our customers and clients feel like they're a part of our tribe when they hop onto our group page. They've been a game-changer for The Canva Template Shop!

Groups can become a virtual hangout for your business and a place to build community while getting your offers in front of more eyes. They're the perfect mix of connection and strategy.

(P.S. If selling or promoting your offers in your group feels icky, don't do it! These groups are more about connection than selling, and once your audience gets to know your business a bit better, they're more comfortable checking out what you have to offer on their own. 

While you can use either free or paid groups, they're worth looking into and utilizing in your own business!


Take your online consistency a step further

You know that what you have to offer the world is more valuable than gold. But if you feel like your business keeps getting stuck in all the online noise, it can leave you feeling exhausted.

You need an easy way to create beautiful graphics without spending hours trying to figure out design software. We’ve recently released our Melanie and Olivia-Rose Facebook template sets.

With either collection’s set, you’ll get: 

  • 12 Facebook banner variations to create a memorable first impression
  • 33 Facebook post variations that will stand out in the feed



PLUS you get:

  • Immediate download, so you can makeover your entire Facebook page today
  • An editable + brandable Mood Board Template, so you can stay consistent with your colors + vibe

Let's turn your Facebook page into a totally on-brand mini-website that showcases your biz the way it deserves!


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