The 6 Biggest Instagram Design Trends of 2022

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Instagram is easily our favorite social media platform. There are endless opportunities to be creative and build solid connections with your audience. Plus, we can’t get enough of all the #dogsofinstagram posts!

Reels may have taken over our IG feeds in 2021, but as we look ahead into 2022, we can’t forget that feed-style posts and Stories still matter! Reels may be adorable and entertaining, but squares and stories still impact how we see content online. 

Your graphics should always stay true to your brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dabble a little in something new! Find out how you can incorporate these fun and trendy looks into your IG feed this year.



Pink Hues

80s and 90s babies rejoice! We’ve officially come full circle and are seeing tons of pink hues that give us those total 90s girl vibes. Where’s our *NSYNC CD collection when you need it?!

Bright pinks and other fluorescent colors are THE most popular design trend online, but if neon isn’t your thing, try experimenting with subtle accents instead of going all-out bright. You could include these colors on:

  • Text highlights
  • Headings
  • Icons
  • Stickers on Stories

The idea is this: bright and fun colors attract attention in a time when attention spans are short.



Matching posts + Stories

The people have spoken — matching posts and Stories are IN, and we couldn’t agree more! A consistent visual theme is one of the best ways to solidify your presence on Instagram.

Pick one visual theme and run with it. Matching colors, fonts, patterns, and icons give your biz the level up it needs when promoting what you’ve got to offer. Utilizing your brand kit is a good place to start.



Overlay elements

Overlay elements allow your posts to look more “designed” but still give room for your beautiful brand or product photography! They’re a quick and easy way to design graphics for your feed, even if you aren’t a designer, because they consist of three key elements (and only three!):

  • Text (headings and subheadings)
  • Boxes with low opacity (hence the overlay effect)
  • A box or two that is full opacity to bring everything together by using your true brand colors

Craft a more polished-looking post while driving home your message with text and graphic elements overlaying an on-brand image.

Be sure to lay some ground rules when designing overlays — they can get a bit messy! Stick with one font and one color, and remember, less is more here! Customizable templates are another great way to ensure your graphics stay polished when using overlays.




Framing in 2022 doesn’t mean large, clunky borders around your design. Subtle framing is where it’s at!

A small and very simple frame around your image or design can help emphasize the important content by drawing your eyes to the middle of the post. It can also create a visual emphasis for content that doesn’t stand out like you want it to, regardless of where it’s located. 

Plus, consistent framing can help emphasize your visual identity and establish a theme to your feed and Stories posts, so followers instantly recognize you!




Gradients aren’t anything new in graphic design. People have been using them for years to provide depth to backgrounds, buttons, and more. However, if you take a look at Instagram in 2022, you’ll notice that gradients aren’t so subtle anymore. 

Enhancing color contrast on gradients has become a big deal, and when paired with text, you’ve got a modern, aesthetically pleasing way to guide your transitions. Want to take it up a notch? Use gradients in shapes like hearts, stars, and squares.

Pairing colors is the most important part of making a gradient work, but if bright, bold colors aren’t your thing, utilize your brand colors! Here’s how we choose what to pair together:

  • Choose colors with a similar shade and hue
  • Choose colors that work harmoniously under color theory 
  • Keep in mind the feelings and sense that your color combinations may give off (I.E., bright and fun or calm and serene)



Promo style 

Instagram isn’t just a place to share highlight reels and vacation pics. There’s a universal acknowledgment and acceptance that businesses are online to make money. With that being said, promo-style posts and Stories are becoming more and more popular as consumers look to social media to find what they’re looking for. 

A combination of images of you/your offer, clear and concise typography, and essential details are a winning combo for this trend. Just make sure you don’t overcrowd your design. If you need to, split up the post into carousel-style posts or use multiple Stories. Don’t worry about losing eyes on your offers. The people who are truly interested will stick around!



Want to make your presence known on Instagram… but don’t know where to start? 

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The main goal of Instagram is to convert followers into friends and fans of our work, and eye-catching graphics can help you accomplish that FAST! If the thought of the upkeep that comes with making trendy IG content makes you want to duck under your covers and stay in bed all day, you’re in good company. 

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