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Even if you’re just starting out with your business this year, we know that beautiful brain of yours is overflowing with ideas and excitement. You’re a woman on a mission, and nothing’s going to stand in your way. We love that about you.

No matter what kind of business you have (or want to start) — from event planning to web design or dog walking — we know that 2022 is going to be a great year for your growth. We at The Canva Template Shop are here to help, by giving you the tools you need to look your best online.

What do you need to look great online and get people clicking, buying, and booking? We’re digging into that here.



What it really takes to stand out and grow online

Did you know that, in the United States alone, 1.31 million new business applications were submitted between June and September 2021? Each day, more and more businesses are created. Whether it’s because of the growing reach of the internet, the pandemic, or people finally deciding they want more control over their life and income, we are here for it!

The more people start their own businesses (especially women), the more money and impact we can all make. Of course, the more businesses that come online, the “louder” it gets. Don’t worry, though — not every new business in your niche or industry is your direct competitor. Instead, they represent just one more chance for you to stand out and wow your audience.

We think there are three components to differentiating yourself from other businesses and gaining the attention of people who want to buy from you:

  • An understanding of your ideal audience or customer
  • Unique and clear branding that speak to your ideal audience or customer
  • Commitment to showing up consistently 

Let’s break down what each of these looks like for your business.


Understanding your ideal audience

Whether you’ve just read a few business 101 basics blogs or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, you know that the whole point of business is to have something that a specific type of person or business wants to buy. That person or business is your ideal customer.

When it comes to standing out online, you want to make sure you have a great idea of who that person is and what they’re looking for from a business like yours.

For example, where does your audience show up online or in-person? Do they love Instagram, or are they die-hard Pinterest fans? Do they love to shop at Target, or are they more of a boutique store shopper? Do they want to watch videos, or do they love memes?

All of this information will let you know how you can gain the attention you want most: the attention of the people who are going to buy from or book with you!


Unique and clear branding

What makes you pick one type of hand soap over the other? Probably the scent but you also look at the label and the decorative elements. Can you see it sitting on your counter, ready to use when you’re cooking or when guests are staying over?

That’s just one example of the power of branding. Now, if you’re just getting started, don’t worry that you need to have professional branding done. On the contrary! When you’re first starting out, you need one thing: consistency in your visuals and voice.

You don’t want to have a pink website that sounds super bubbly, a blue Instagram feed full of sarcastic jokes, and a neon orange client onboarding form that sounds super dry. You want to make sure your clients or customers have a cohesive experience — you want them to know they’re working with the same business no matter where they find you. To do this, make sure that you have some simple elements, like the same colors, fonts, and decorative elements, on anything your business creates. Hammering out your brand words, mission, and vision can also help.

Starting from scratch with your brand? If you want, create a mood board in Canva or on Pinterest that helps you visualize how your brand will look.

To get started, refer back to your ideal client research to ask yourself:

  • What colors do I think my audience likes?
  • What fonts help me share my message clearly?
  • What do I need to update so my brand is more consistent?

Focus on consistency rather than complicated branding — we believe in stress-free branding!


Showing up consistently

The whole point of having a strong brand is so that, when people see your content or your creations, they immediately recognize them! Of course, if you want to get recognized and stand out, you have to show up.

This means that, if you really want to grow your business in 2022, you want to find ways of sharing your ideas, products, services, or offers that feel good to you and your audience.

Let’s think back to your ideal audience. Do they love a good TikTok video? Think of ways that you can show up on TikTok to let people know what you’re an expert in. Is your audience mostly on LinkedIn? Make sure you’re sharing articles or posting there. Does your audience need help with a specific challenge? Create something that can help them overcome it! 

Let’s say you’re a friendship coach. You want to let people know that it’s possible to make friends online, so you create a PDF that gives them 10 ways to find friends online. You design the PDF using your brand colors, logos, and decorative elements and start promoting it. Soon, you’ve got new potential clients on your email list and people have a helpful (and beautiful) resource that helps them build relationships.

Of course, showing up consistently can also look like:

  • Writing blogs (and using on-brand images and graphics)
  • Posting on social media 
  • Sending newsletters to subscribers
  • Guesting on podcasts 
  • Collaborating with influencers or industry peers
  • Hosting giveaways
  • Creating sales or promoting new products/offers

Everyone has different ways that they prefer to show up. Take what works for you and your audience and focus on that. Using our Canva template collections can make it easy to design your blogs, social media, promotional materials, newsletters, and so much more. 


Get the resources you need to stand out (without wasting your time)

If you’re as excited for 2022 as we are, you’re probably ready to do all the things and share all your great ideas. We want to make sure that you’re able to continue to show up and share your excitement with your audience, which is why we want to make sure you know about our Canva Template Shop Membership.



Instead of using generic free Canva templates that make your content look like everybody else’s, or spending hours trying to recreate those amazing graphics you’ve seen online, our membership makes everything you create look effortlessly put-together and consistent, across all your online channels.

Each month inside The Canva Template Shop Membership, you’re getting new templates that are professionally designed and carefully curated, with a variety of matching templates to choose from & customize.

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