How to Marie Kondo your Canva Pro Setup [Streamline Your Graphics Series - Part 3 of 4]

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Wondering how to create eye-catching graphics for your business without spending hours searching for the right stock photo, or trying to find that sticky note where you keep your brand colors? Well, you’re in the right place, friend! 

In my ‘Streamline Your Graphics’ series, I’m showing you exactly how to streamline your graphic creation process, so you can create scroll-stopping graphics in half the time, using Canva!

In this series, you’ll learn:

  1. How to ensure brand consistency in your graphics 
  2. How to DIY your graphics without them looking DIY 
  3. How to Marie Kondo your Canva Pro setup (this post right here, yay!)
  4. How to speed up your graphics creation with Canva template

So far, we’ve looked at what it takes to design profesh-looking graphics (even if you have zero design experience) and the importance of keeping things consistent. 



But here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter how good you get at design or how consistent you are with your visuals. If you’re not keeping yourself organized, you’re basically starting from scratch every time you start designing… and you’re going to lose so much time in the process. 

If you always start with a big white square, then add your fonts and brand colors, then scroll forever to find the perfect photo… you’re taking way too long to design, babe! There is an easier way. Let me be your Canva fairy godmother and show you how.

Today, I’m going to share my top tips for using Canva effectively, so you can whip up some scroll-stopping graphics in no time. 


Canva Pro to the rescue

You don’t need to hire a fancy designer to save yourself crazy amounts of time on your graphic creation — but you do need to splurge a little.

You know this already, but it’s worth repeating because it is oh-so-true. If you want people to trust you enough to hand over their hard-earned dollah bills to buy whatever you’re selling, you’ve gotta be willing to invest in your biz too!

In other words, if you want to save yourself time and be seen as a pro, you need to treat yourself as a pro — and that means setting yourself up with a pro tool, like Canva Pro.

I recommend Canva Pro to anyone who wants to uplevel their graphics game. It is the smartest move you can make if you want to streamline your design process, and makes a huge difference in your workflow. 

Yes, it’s an extra monthly cost, but compare that cost to the time and money you’re wasting by starting from scratch every single time! Cause your time is valuable, friend.

You can see the streamlined magic for yourself with a free 30-day trial of Canva Pro. 

If you do decide to keep using the free version, I recommend taking full advantage of its organization options by uploading your three brand colors and using the two free design folders.

3 joy-sparking organization tips for your Canva Pro account

OK, now that you’re up to speed on Canva Pro*, let’s take a look at setting it up the right way, to keep you pro-level organized. These tips are quick and easy to implement but are so effective they’d even make Marie Kondo proud. (#OrganizationGoals)

Just like decluttering your closet, you don’t need to implement these tips weekly or even monthly. By setting yourself up for success from day one, and keeping yourself organized going forward is going to be so much easier. Watch the video to or read how below.

1) Set up your Brand Kit

Remember that mood board we talked about in Part 1 of the ‘Streamline Your Graphics’ series? Let’s make it easy peasy to pull up those brand visual elements when designing in Canva.

Canva Pro’s Brand Kit feature allows you to upload your logo (in its many forms), brand colours and brand fonts into a single place for safekeeping. Then, when you start designing in Canva, these brand elements are right where you need them most. 

✓ Brand color palettes show up on top
✓ Brand fonts are automatically shown when adding text
✓ Logos are auto-magically added to a photo folder for you

Safe to say you can throw your handy-dandy brand color sticky note in the trash 😉. 

Canva Client Casestudy: Casey von Stein from Miss Freddie Casey von Stein from Miss Freddy
This amazing mama is a photographer and a professional photo organizer, which I didn't even know was a THING before I met her. Casey works her magic remotely and also has some amazing courses, including Backup Bootcamp and one that helps you make your photos look gorg on your PHONE. 

2) Create your folders

Canva Pro makes it easier than ever for you to stay organised and save time finding the perfect graphic elements for your visual. 

Design folders:

You can keep your finished designs organized in design folders, so the next time you have to create a similar project you don’t have to start from scratch.

I also suggest creating a folder of go-to Canva templates as you create them, so you can easily share them with your team. (P.S. If you want to learn more about the pure magic of Canva Templates, be sure to stay tuned for Part 4 of the Streamline Your Graphics Series!)

Photo folders:

You can also create folders for your photos and other design elements. How’s that for sparking joy?!

I recommend creating multiple photo folders and labeling them clearly to make it as easy as possible going forward. You might have a folder for your brand photos, another for your fave stock photos, brand icons or patterns and another full of mockup photos, etc.

Stock photography sites mentioned: Haute StockStyled Stock SocietyMoyo Studio are some of my faves. *

3) Stay organized, KonMari style

Think about tips 1 and 2 as the Canva equivalent of going out to Target, picking up some cute new baskets, and placing them around the house to keep things organized. Ahhh, that feels amazing, right?! 

But fast-forward three months from now. If you weren’t tidying things up as you go (especially if you have kids), things could look pretty crazy.

The same thing holds true for your Canva account and folders. If you really want to stop the endless scrolling and searching, you need to keep your design and photo folders updated. Clean them up often — every 2 weeks or so — by merging designs where applicable, deleting any duplicates, and organizing your photo folders.

Go make Marie Kondo (and me!) proud

There’s no better time to start than today, love, and future you will be so glad you stepped up and took action. 

Imagine the feeling of joy + bliss that awaits you next time you go to design an Instagram graphic, a Facebook ad, or a Pinterest visual and you don’t have to stare at a blank screen until inspo hits!

In Part 4, I’m going to tell you all about Canva Templates — where you can get them and how to make your own, so you can create content faster and look beautifully on-brand while doing it.

xo, Nicholette

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