How Pinterest Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Site in 2022

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If you want to make sure your offers are getting in front of people this year, you've gotta make showing up on search engines a priority! But did you know that Pinterest counts as a search engine, too? 

Yup! Pinterest isn't just for mouth-watering recipes anymore. Businesses can use it to drive traffic to their site and other pieces of content like their blogs. 

Half of all US-based Pinners are on the site to shop, but before you start throwing your latest and greatest product all over Pinterest, you have to warm people up to your business. What better way to do that than show off your blogs full of brilliant info? 

Pinterest can drive lots of traffic to your posts, and once your readers have read an article or two from you, they're more likely to wander over to your shop. 

If you want to know the best way to leverage Pinterest in 2022, read on!




Use alt text

Alternate text describes the Pin image so content is more accessible to those who may not be able to read it. This is a tool for people with visual impairments or whose internet isn’t loading well, so adding a ton of keywords to the alt text isn't the best move. 

Instead, give an accurate description of what the pin looks like and describe any text that's included.


Use hashtags and keywords

Pinterest is as much of a search engine as Google! When people head over to the site, rarely are they ever going just to scroll. More often than not, they're searching for something specific.

Optimize your pins so that they are easily searchable. 

Keep your pin title under 100 characters and under 500 for the description. ALWAYS link back to your website, too! 

To get a better picture of what keywords or hashtags you should be using, get in the mind of your ideal client or customer, and think about what they would search for if they were looking for a product or service like yours. 

Be mindful of keyword stuffing — if your text is too full of keywords and doesn't read naturally, Pinterest may mark it as spammy.


Have you activated the Rich Pin feature yet?

Rich Pins give you even more ways to add information to your pins. They can be activated for articles, recipes, products, or apps, and are an amazing tool for your blogs. 

The best part? They automatically pull information off of your site and onto your pins! They'll even sync to your blog and update whenever you make changes to your posts. 

Pinterest requires you to apply for Rich Pins — but don't worry, it won't be like your first post-college job interview! They just need metadata (a fancy way of saying information on the content and the purpose of your web pages to determine its relevance in searches) to make sure all information gets correctly synced. 

You can learn more about applying for Rich Pins here!


Make your images stand out

The reason why so many people love searching on Pinterest more than searching on Google? It's visual!

We're visual creatures by nature, so when creating content, make sure your graphics have a way to stand out

Here are a couple of guidelines to follow:

  • Keep your images sized at 1000px wide by 1500px high
  • Use high-quality images
  • Don't overcrowd the graphic with text
  • Make sure all text is search-friendly

You can also use plenty of images to make things pop! Just make sure those are high-quality too. Pinterest favors readable, accessible, and fresh content.


Streamline the process with Canva templates

Trying to keep up with the latest Pinterest trends, create scroll-stopping pins, and analyze your content at the same time can get exhausting. Why not make your visual advertising a little bit easier with Canva templates?

 We just dropped more of The Melanie Blog + Pinterest Canva Templates in our online shop to help you make a solid first impression without any extra stress!

If you're ready to take your pins from snooze-fest to AH-mazing, these unique, modern, and absolutely magical blog and Pinterest graphics are waiting for you! Just pop in your brand elements like your brand colors, fonts, and stock photography, and you're set.

Here's a peek at what's included in this new bundle:

  • 10 blog images and 20 Pinterest graphics
  • 6 content upgrade graphics
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  • A video walkthrough to help you get started right away

And if you want even more Pinterest goodies…

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