How to Create Urgency to Sell Out Your Offer [Prep for More Sales Series — Part 5 of 5]

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In this ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series, I’m sharing five days worth of easy tweaks you can make to optimize your sales page and get yourself ready for your most profitable sale ever! Each of these super actionable quick wins can be implemented in 20 minutes or less and will have a HUGE impact on the conversions + clarity of your page. Let’s get that money, honey!

Hey, babe! I see you and that amazing, totally irresistible offer you’ve created.

You’ve committed to a discount so wow-worthy that your peeps need to read it twice to really believe it. You’ve thrown in some valuable bonuses to sweeten the deal. And you’ve written promo copy that busts through all your buyers’ objections. 

… Now what?

Now comes the best part: building so much hype for your incredible offer that your buyers can’t wait to hit that “Buy now” button!


Think about it, love — how often do you snooze on things? How many sales emails are sitting in your inbox because you thought “yeah, maybe I’ll buy that one day”? How many gorgeous goodies are saved to your Amazon wishlist, dreaming of actually being purchased?

We all do it. It’s human nature to delay decisions. And if you’re running your offer at a busy sale time — like, say, Black Friday weekend or other big sale time of the year — it’s even more important to not just grab your buyers’ attention but also convince them that now is the best time to buy. 

The key to selling out your amazing offer is to use scarcity and/or urgency in your promotions. 

Your offer is EPIC, babe — so it’s time to create an equally epic amount of hype! Show your buyers this is an offer that’s not to be missed. Heck, tell them to set an alarm for it!

The simplest way to create that FOMO feeling is to decide on the date and duration of your promo and make it crystal clear to your potential buyers. Tell them a gazillion times exactly when they’ll lose their chance to snag your offer — and remind them what they’re missing out on if they do!


The Urgency-Creation Checklist

To make this super actionable and easy, I’ve created a handy checklist of the many things you can do to build a sense of urgency in your promo.

The beauty of all these elements is that you can use them everywhere — in your sales emails, on your landing page, even in your social posts!


  • Set a short time frame for your promotion 

    I normally recommend no more than 72 hours, the big exception being BFCM weekend (about 96 hours).


  • Include fast-action offers, bonuses, or exclusive bundles 

    Make it a no-brainer for them to purchase RIGHT NOW. Some examples might be a BOGO course offer, for a free gift-with-purchase to the first 50 buyers. Just be sure to keep it clear and simple for your team and your buyers to understand and implement.


  • Use a countdown timer 

    Create additional urgency in your emails and on your landing page with a timer. Motion Mail App is a great free option.


  • Write urgent subject lines

    Let them know when time is running out with subject lines like “Last Chance” or “Closing Tonight”.


  • Repeat yourself. Repeat yourself. Repeat yourself.

    Remind your buyers over and over again what the offer actually is, and then explain why you made those choices. Why 40% off? (Because you only run a sale once a year). Why only 50 fast-action bonuses? (Because you think early birds decide to be rewarded, and these freebies are seriously valuable.) And so on.


Ticking all of these boxes will help you make sure you’ve got your audience on the edge of their seats waiting for that amazing offer to go live — and it’ll help you rack in more sales than ever


That’s all, folks!

We did it, babe! That’s the end of the Prep for More Sales series. Did you have as much fun as I did?! Let me know in the comments. 

If you missed out on the other posts in the series (or just want to double-check you’ve included everything before you hit SEND on that big offer of yours), here’s where you can find them:

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If you love these blog series, let me know! I’m all about sending valuable free content your way, and your feedback helps me plan posts and emails that are actually worth your time. Drop me a line in the comments, or you can always reach me at [email protected].

Can’t wait to see that offer go live, babe.

xo, Nicholette

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