How to Create Marvelous Mockups In Canva

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You’ve created a beautiful digital product and are ready to share it with your audience. But how the heck do you showcase it without it falling flat? 

The Nicholette Styles team and I looove using digital mockups to share our clients’ e-books, training manuals, digital templates, and more. Mockups allow you to create engaging visuals that highlight your products and give your peeps a sneak peek at what’s inside their download.

Canva is the perfect platform to create beautiful mockups graphics for your emails, social media, digital ads, reels - you get the picture. 😉  In May we released mockup templates exclusively for the members of the Canva Template Shop Membership (#memberperks) but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some of our favorite mockup tips and tricks with you!

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3 Tips for Creating Marvelous Mockups


With any graphic you create, pre-planning is going to be key. Think about what you’re going to be using this graphic for. Does it have a specific purpose? Does it need any copy to accompany it? What platform will it be used on? 

You’ll also want to consider what images or videos will be going into your mockups. When you pre-plan these elements, creating your graphics will be so much faster because you have what you need pre-downloaded and easily accessible in Canva. 

When possible, I like to include vertical and horizontal options so I have the most flexibility possible while designing. To really take your mockups to the next level, try including a screen recording to display your whole website or your sales page instead of using a static image.



No matter which type of mockup you choose to design, my #1 tip for creating beautiful mockups is to ensure they look as realistic as possible. 

Canva recently released smart mockups to help you add realistic images of your product or design into a photo. Because it is a newer feature, it isn’t perfect yet. Be sure to check that the final result looks realistic.

When adding your video or another image over a lifestyle photo, remember that most devices have a frame around the screen. Make sure this border around your frame is even all the way around and your graphic isn’t being cut off. 

Zooming in can help give you a better perspective on whether or not your frame is straight and how to fix it if needed. If you didn't pay attention to these details, it could end up looking like an amateur design. 😅

BONUS TIP: If your frame isn’t quite matching up as you’d hoped, try layering a frame on top of the device in your flat lay image. Canva has a number of free iPhone options. Make sure it covers up the image behind it entirely. This will give you a new space to drop in a photo without worrying about whether or not your edges are perfect.


One mistake I see from designers all the time is not leaving enough white space.

Whether you plan to add text to your graphics or are creating a flat lay with elements from Canva, give your mockups space to be the focus of your graphic.

Don’t have enough white space? You can always create more! 😉

Add your photo and fill the space until you have enough room for the text or other elements you want to add to your graphic. You can use a color picker to match the background of your image or use an overlay to ease the transition between your photo and background. We love to use a gradient when we can’t match the background.


Now It’s Your Turn!

I’ve shared my favorite mockup tips and tricks and you’re ready to put them to good use!

As with most new styles of design, it takes practice to perfect it. But I know you can do it. Open up that new Canva doc and dive right in!

If you’re looking for more examples and templates to help you get started, these exclusive #memberperks are still available to new and existing Canva Template Shop Members. Members also receive access to 550+ additional Canva templates for just $149/quarter (or $49/month!).

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