How to Create a Totally Irresistible Offer [Prep for More Sales Series — Part 1 of 5]

In this ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series, I’m sharing five days' worth of easy tweaks you can make to optimize your sales page and get yourself ready for your most profitable sale ever! Each of these super actionable quick wins can be implemented in 20 minutes or less and will have a HUGE impact on the conversions + clarity of your page. Let’s get that money, honey!

Whether it’s your first sale or your fifth, it’s easy to feel stuck when it comes to creating an offer your peeps can get excited about. We’re surrounded by offers and promotions and content all the time, and it can be hard to cut through all that noise and focus on what’s really going to work for your biz. 

What does it take for an offer to be totally irresistible?



Well, for starters, it doesn’t mean you have to offer a whopping 50% discount just because your fave retailer is doing it. Spoiler alert: especially if this is a Black Friday offer, or tied to some other sale season, you’re competing against approximately 1 bajillion other shops for sales, and they’re all offering discounts. 

Maybe a huge discount doesn’t work for you, your business model,and your profit margins (‘cause those are crazy important, girl)… and maybe a discount isn’t what’s going to encourage your peeps to buy.

So… how do you figure out what’s going to make the most sense for you and your buyers?

Crafting an epic offer that works for your business

The best way to create an epic offer is to listen to your tribe. 

What do they keep asking you for in your DMs, comments, and emails? Go back and look. When peeps message you and say, “I really need help with…” or” Hey! I’m looking for…” — what’s the common theme in their questions?

Seriously, do it right now! This is your homework of the day, babe. Open up your inbox, your Facebook Messenger, your Insta inbox, wherever your ideal buyers get in touch with you and have a nice little scroll. 

At the end of the day, a truly irresistible offer solves a problem your customers have or fills a need they have been asking you to help them with.

Maybe your epic offer is a bundle of your best-selling products at a discounted price… or limited-time bonus freebie or 1:1 session with you... or access to a retired course. Whatever it is, it should do all of these things:

  • It solves a specific problem your dream buyer has. Figure out what’s really bugging your customer, and make sure your offer is the solution.
  • It shows them the end result is a neat, pretty picture. What magical transformation awaits your buyer after they purchase? Show them the end result using case studies, testimonials, and crystal clear language about your offer’s incredible value (not just its features).
  • It’s way better than any other solution. Your offer needs to give your buyer better results sooner and with less effort than if they were to DIY it. You’ve gotta be able to show them that your offer will totally change the way they do (insert whatever problem your offer solves here).
  • It’s worth buying now. If you’re going to offer a discount, remember that peeps rarely move for less than 30% off. If all I’m saving is $15, I’m not gonna be super inclined to buy today. Give them something that’s worth rolling out of bed for at 6am so they can snatch it up before anybody else. (PS: More tips on creating urgency with your offer coming soon!)
  • It’s super duper clear. Look, I’ve made this mistake before. Don’t create a confusing offer! “20% off bundles, 40% off stand-alone products, and 50% off all courses” may be a great deal, but it’s hard for your buyers to wrap their heads around it. Stick to a specific offer — “40% off” or “two exclusive fast-action bonuses” — make it clear, and rinse and repeat that message over and over again until it sticks like glue.

Does your offer tick all those boxes, babe? Fab! 

“Ah-ma-zing Nicholette. What’s next?”

To get them to take you up on your irresistible offer, you also have to make it stupid easy for them to purchase from you, bust through their fears and objections, and show them why they’ve got to buy RIGHT NOW!!

Don’t worry, we’re going to go through all that and more in the rest of the Prep for More Sales Series, so don’t go too far, okay love?

Here’s what else you’ll learn in the ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series:

  1. How to create a totally irresistible offer (this post right here!)
  2. How to limit distractions on your sales page to increase conversions
  3. How to bust objections + make potential buyers think you’re a mind reader 
  4. 3 tips for making buying from you stupid easy
  5. How to create urgency to sell out your offer 

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See you right here again soon!

xo, Nicholette

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