How to bust objections + make potential buyers think you’re a mind reader [Prep for More Sales Series — Part 3 of 5]

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In this ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series, I’m sharing five days' worth of easy tweaks you can make to optimize your sales page and get yourself ready for your most profitable sale ever! Each of these super actionable quick wins can be implemented in 20 minutes or less and will have a HUGE impact on the conversions + clarity of your page. Let’s get that money, honey! 

Hands up if you ever wished you could read your buyers’ minds. 

Yep, thought so.

Knowing what your tribe is thinking would make it SO much easier to create products and services that serve them… not to mention figure out what’s standing in their way of hitting that “Buy Now” button on something that’s actually going to make their lives a gazillion times better. 



But here’s the deal, babe. You can rub that crystal ball all you want, but it’s never gonna happen. So you’ve got to do the next best thing: talk to your customers! 

I know, I know. Groundbreaking, right? 😉

It seems SO obvi, but I see online business owners forget to do this all the time. They create products they think their audience wants, come up with a whole marketing campaign in a vacuum, and then freak out when they send their offer out into the world and hear.. crickets.

When it comes to writing content for your landing page (and your sales emails, for that matter), you’ve got to directly address the things standing in your buyers’ way of taking immediate action. 

‘Cause let’s face it. It doesn’t matter how show-stopping amazing your offer is if people are going to hesitate. 

Maybe they need a money mindset shift. Maybe they feel like they don’t have the time to actually use what you’re selling. Or maybe they’ve been burned by a similar offer before, and are scared to take the leap.  

It could be any number of things — but you won’t know until you ask.

If you really want to make that sale, you’ve gotta bust through your buyers’ objections. And to figure out what those objections are, you’ve gotta have a conversation with them.  

Here’s how.

3 Things to do TODAY to kiss those objections buh bye

You may not be able to read your customers’ minds, but you can make them think you can by providing some A’s to those FAQs before they’re even asked.

Here are a few things I want you to do right now so you can come up with some easy objection-busting content for your landing page and sales emails. Each of these activities should take 10 minutes max, and in return, you’ll get some seriously valuable insights.

1. Brainstorm all possible objections + come up with rebuttals 

Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes, grab some pretty stationery + your fave pen, and write a list of as many objections as possible as to why someone might not buy your offer. 

When that buzzer goes off, go through your list and come up with a 5-10 word answer for each objection.

Once you’ve got your answers figured out, scan through your landing page and look for places where you can build those rebuttals into your copy. #winning

Bonus points if you can work that copy into your headlines and subject lines, so you can really grab their attention and wow your buyers with your mind-reading abilities.

Pro time-saving tip: Frame these objections as answers to some of your most-asked questions and keep them in a Google Doc. That way, when emails start coming in from potential buyers, you can copy and paste your answers with some minor personalization!


 2. Take a scroll through your recent customer interactions

Pull up your customer emails from the last few weeks, your DMs from leads, or transcripts from your website’s chat bot. What are some of the questions or concerns you’re seeing over and over again? 

Just like you did in step one, list them out and come up with your best answer for each. Then, make sure you’re addressing all of those common objections on your landing page (and in your sales emails).


3. Reach out to customers to ask them why they almost didn't buy 

Just because someone bought from you in the end doesn’t mean they never had questions or concerns. It just means you kicked butt at answering them 😉. Yay you!

Pull up your inbox right now and fire off an email to a few of your most recent customers to ask them why they almost didn’t buy.

You can use this email template: 

 “Hey [NAME]! I want to thank you again for purchasing [PRODUCT/SERVICE]. I know there are a lot of alternatives out there, and I’m honored you chose me! 

I’m looking for ways to better serve people just like you, and it got me wondering — is there anything that almost prevented you from buying [PRODUCT/SERVICE]? If so, I’d love to know what it was, and why you bought anyway.”

Pay special attention to the exact words your customers use in their responses. You can bet that they’re the same words floating around in your future customers’ heads. 

For example, let’s say someone replies and says “I almost didn’t buy because I wasn’t sure I could afford it right now. But when I saw the payment plan, I know I could find a way to prioritize this purchase.”

Instead of talking about “installments” and “investments” on your landing page, use the customer’s exact words like “payment plan” and “priorities”. Talking to your peeps in their language is the easiest way to make them think you’re in their head, stealin’ all their thoughts 🔮.


There’s more where that came from, friend.

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See you right here again soon!

xo, Nicholette

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