How Facebook Groups Can Change Your Biz

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Facebook groups — chances are you’re a part of many, and participate in a few, but don’t have your own.

And to that I ask: Why the heck not, gorgeous??

Hosting your own Facebook group is a fabulous way to engage genuinely with your tribe, showcase what you do best and gain new clients who already know they love your work!

Sound great but still scrambling around aimlessly wondering how to do yours right so people actually want to stick around?

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3 Tips for Creating Your Facebook Group

1. Remember This Is Your First Impression

For many people, your Facebook group will be their first impression of you and how you present yourself is extremely important. Before you start spreading the word about your new (incredible) Facebook Group, make sure you:

  •  Have your graphics in order + polished.
  • Have a clear “about” written so people know what exactly they’ll gain from joining.
  • Get clear on a posting schedule that works not just for your schedule, but for your business plan.
  • And lastly, get clear on your why by seeing how this fits into your sales funnel.

Remember, hosting a Facebook group is fun, but it’s not worth spending your time in if you don’t understand how it’s benefiting your business positively. Time is money, boss babe!

2. Craft an Opt-In Offer

Going off of the aforementioned point, you should have a clear why for your Facebook group to exist within your sales funnel, and having an opt-in offer in your funnel is another no-brainer!

When crafting your fabulous opt-in that you’ll offer to the gals in your group, get crystal clear on what you want to help them achieve. Is it a rocking line of all-natural essential oils? A coaching package that they can’t possibly refuse? Think on it.

3. Consider Branding

Branding is so important when curating your Facebook group — remember what I said about putting your best foot forward? Unless you’re a graphics queen (and power to you if you are!) these templates make it super easy to help elevate your brand, make your biz look uber profesh and attract your dream clients + customers into your life.

Another plus when it comes to choosing templates for your Facebook group in lieu of curating new images every time? Save that valuable time for other money-makin’ areas of your biz, love.

Tell me, babe: What questions do you have around making a Facebook Group? How can I help? Let me know in the comments!

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