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Graphic design not your thing? We get it. 

We know firsthand how big of a pain point graphic creation for Instagram can be. When you've got a thousand and one things on your plate, design seems to be the last thing you want to do. 

If that's #relatable, then you may also find yourself struggling to show up online. The thought of having to create multiple graphics for your IG feed and Stories every week sends you into panic mode! So your social media content strategy gets stalled for yet another month, and you're left wondering, "How the heck am I supposed to scale my biz??"

Here's the thing, love: creating unique graphics designed with conversions and connections in mind doesn't have to be another thing you find yourself losing sleep over. With professionally designed Canva templates, you can get a done-for-you brand and content strategy in minutes!

Canva templates can cut down on IG Story + feed post creation time — gone are the days of thinking about what type of content is enough to stand out online. With templates, you can streamline your content creation process and still get the brand consistency you've been searching for. 

Here's how!


Why staying consistent online is so valuable

Having a strong brand is good, but having a strong brand that shows up online? Even better! The whole point of having great branding is for people to instantly recognize you, but they can't do that if you're hiding. 

Posting on Instagram means finding ways to share your ideas, products, services, or offers while making valuable connections with your followers. That's why Instagram is our FAVORITE marketing tool!

Everyone has different ways of showing up. To you, that may mean more Stories and Reels than feed posts, but to someone else, it could mean feed posts with a Reel here and there. There is no one right way to do that. Do what works best for you and your audience, and go from there!

When you're more consistent on Instagram, it's also easier to analyze your content. That may sound like a bore, but we promise it's worth it! You need to be analyzing your content regularly to make the most of your time and energy. 

If you're posting what your audience wants to see and will respond to, you're making a great investment of those resources. But if it's not doing as well as you'd hoped, you can pivot into a new direction that will be a much better investment.


What you can start posting on your IG feed + Stories

Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. We stay stuck in limbo forever because we just don't know what to do. If coming up with content ideas is a major pain point for you, get the ball rolling with some of these ideas!


Feed posts

You can still post pictures of your adorable pup, or your latest book club read, just make sure you're posting tactical content, too. 

  • Business tools
  • BTS of your content creation or production process
  • BTS of how you make your products
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Announcements and offers for your upcoming launch
  • Mockups of your freebies

The point is this: connect with your people AND tell them about your amazing ideas/products/services. You want to bring all that value-packed knowledge to your friends on the 'gram in style!



Good news — if the thought of posting twice on IG stresses you out, don't worry. Your stories don't have to be as polished as your feed posts. They're a fabulous way to show your audience that, yes, you are indeed a real person! Here are some ways you can do just that while staying on brand:


  • A day in the life quick videos to show people what you're up to
  • A real-time picture of your product
  • A sneak peek shot to promote your new product/service
  • Poll your audience — it can be as simple as "what's your favorite dessert?" to "what content do you want to see more of?"

Instagram Stories can build off your feed posts and visually match their style. Remember, you still want to promo your biz as much as possible! Stories are a great way to share additional info, announcements, and benefits. 


Using Canva templates to make it all happen

Templates are a major key in making all this happen without spending hours of your time doing so. We use templates for everything in our business, from blog graphics to contracts and even our grocery lists! 

They save us from staring at a blank screen for hours or falling down the internet rabbit hole trying to find some inspo. You won't have to worry about starting from scratch every single time your design. 

You'll also enjoy how easy it is to batch-create all your graphics. With templates in our online shop, you can change the colors to fit your brand, swap out the text, and voila! You've got yourself beautiful, professionally designed graphics that didn't take you hours to make or tons of money to get. 

Simply put: templates help us create faster and look on-brand while doing it

And you know what that means for your biz? More time to focus on other parts of your business so you can watch it take off — something that's especially helpful if the design isn't something you enjoy.

Canva makes EVERYTHING easier! So, if you love saving time, you've got to check Canva templates out!


Where to find stand-out Canva templates

It doesn't matter what you're selling or who you're selling to. Being drawn to beautiful design is a part of the human experience, so you need to make sure you're using graphics that stand out so your message reaches people.

Scroll-stopping graphics can:

  • Make you look polished and professional, even if your brand is a boho feet-on-the-dashboard kind of vibe
  • Increase the value perception of your products and services
  • Show social proof and help instill a sense of quality and reliability
  • Help your posts be more effective and, when paired with great copy, land you conversions

If you want to get your own beautifully designed IG squares + Stories templates that are poised to scale your biz, our online shop is stocked full of 'em! They've been crafted by professional designers with conversion and brand consistency in mind. Not to mention they're super easy to use and 100% customizable. 

You can also find some free graphics from us over on Canva! While they don't offer as much flexibility as the ones in our shop, they're an easy-peasy way to get the content you need in a pinch!


If you're ready to kick your content creation process into high gear…

Sure, you can buy templates as you need them or use the free ones that come with a Canva Pro subscription, BUT you'd be missing out on a huuuuuuge library of amazing graphics that are only available with our membership. 

If you have big plans for your biz (like launching new offers and reaching more people), you're going to need the visuals to match. 

Think about it like this: you can drop $29 here and there for the templates you need, but if you are really ready to start scaling like you never have before, you can't afford to get stuck on design inspo. 

With a Canva Template Shop All-Access Pass, you'll get access to OVER 550+ template designs, including current and retired collections, along with new template drops, bonus content, 1:1 design support and feedback, and UNLIMITED downloads.



Our all-access pass is way more cost-effective and efficient, even if you're new to Canva!

Learn more about joining The Canva Template Shop All-Access Pass today!

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