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A few weeks ago, we gave you all the juicy deets on how to make Instagram landing pages work for your own business (in case you missed it, you can check the recap here). But the short version is this: We love Instagram landing pages because they can drive leads to your brilliant ideas while keeping your brand perfectly intact. 

Well, that is if you create your own landing pages (third-party apps are convenient, but they aren’t very pretty!). Of course, creating your own landing pages for anything can be a bit time-consuming. 

That’s why we're so excited to share our new Instagram Landing Page Canva Templates! These templates are truly amazing and will make it easier than ever to create an on-brand landing page. 



But you're probably wondering how to use them, right?

If that’s you, then keep on scrolling! But if you already know how to use them, just skip to the last section of this post.


First thing’s first…

You’ll need a Canva account! You don’t have to have the paid, pro version*, but we recommended it to get the full Canva experience.

Once you purchase your templates, you’ll immediately receive a PDF download, giving you instant access to your templates! Just click the link, “Use Template” included in the PDF download and you'll be able to start using the templates ASAP!


Short vs. long: How do I know which one to use?

Each template set (available in the Alyssa, Eva, Melanie, and Olivia Rose collections) comes with three short landing pages and one option for a full-length landing page. But knowing which to use comes down to knowing what you want to offer. 

The short version is great for the standard “link in bio” look, complete with links taking visitors to your offers, about page, blog, etc. By comparison, the longer version allows you to add a blurb at the bottom highlighting a specific offer, service, or promo.



Choosing your template

The short landing pages will come together in one document on Canva, while the long landing page will come in a separate Canva document. If you choose the long one, simply make a copy and you’ll be able to start customizing immediately. 

If you go with the short option, you’ll do the same, only when the document is copied, delete the pages — aka templates — you don’t want to use. Make sure you keep the original copy so you always have it for reference or in case you ever want to change designs.


Linking it to Instagram

Once your template is ready to go, all you need to do is go to Share > Website, and copy and paste the link into your Instagram bio! Make sure you choose the "Classic Navigation" option because it keeps the mobile view on desktop and mobile, otherwise it’ll be blown up too large.

And there you have it! Once you plug it into your Instagram bio, place it anywhere else you want to direct your audience to your website, blogs, offers, etc…in style!


Want even more Canva templates? 

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Instead of using generic free templates that blend in or spending hours trying to recreate a great look, our membership makes it easy to look effortlessly put-together and consistent, across all your online channels.

And the best part? Each month you’ll get access to new templates, professionally designed and carefully curated with YOU in mind. No more hassle when it comes to creating graphics — just a wide variety of matching templates to choose from and customize.

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