How to Create an Email Signature (with Canva Templates!)

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When you implemented your branding, are you 100% confident you’ve covered all the bases?

Social Media? ☑️

Website? ☑️

Newsletter? ☑️

Email signature? … Oops!

We spend so much of our day sending emails… why shouldn’t they be designed to not only deliver information, but to also grab attention, create a strong and memorable first impression, and help you build brand recognition?

In other words, you want people to see it and not have to ask:



As an entrepreneur who cares about delivering a five-star brand experience, you know that every single touchpoint you have with your audience is important — and your emails should be no exception.

Your email signature is like your brand’s digital business card. You can combine your business information including contact info, your location, website, and social media links all in one place. 

And with our new Email Signature Templates, you have two easy design options that’ll have you sending beautifully on-brand emails in no time.



Why do I need an email signature?

Your email signature is your silent salesperson. It gives your potential client or new connection so much information: who you are, who you represent, how to get a hold of you, and where they can learn more about you or your services.

Plus, it gives your emails a professional and recognizable look - especially if your whole team is using the same design!

3 Tips for Creating Your Email Signature

TIP 1: Include Contact Information 

It seems like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to include basic contact information in their email signature! 

If we’re calling your email signature your “digital business card”, any information that you would include on a traditional business card should be included here too. This makes contacting you SO EASY and helps you direct someone to the exact info they need to take that next step.

Even if your full name, title, company, and phone number were included in the body of your message, make sure to include your basic contact information (including your email address) in your signature.


TIP 2: Include Links (and check them twice!)

Your email signature can be a great traffic driver for both your website and your social media accounts. It’s important to make it easy for your prospective clients to find the information that matters most to them. 

Don’t forget to double-check your links before you use your signature for the first time and every so often throughout the year. Broken links can detract from the professionalism of the rest of your business.

BONUS TIP: You can swap out links based on the needs of your audience! Most email platforms allow you to have multiple signatures saved to your account. Consider saving different variations of your signature with the links you send your clients most. 

For example, if you usually email leads or inquiries, include a link to your services page. If you’re often emailing about speaking opportunities, consider linking to your media kit. Whatever your business model may be, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to work with us.




TIP 3: Include a Call To Action

Drive traffic and grow your email list by including a call to action in your email signature. Invite them to download your freebie, connect on social media, or even sign up for your newsletter.

This gives your recipient more opportunities to connect with your brand and build trust that leads to sales!


A good email signature can help boost your biz in so many ways; from generating leads, to driving traffic to your website, to promoting your content, to converting customers. It’s all possible, love. 😉

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