Why I Love Trello To Batch Content

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If you read my last blog post you know how much I love Trello and all of its incredible abilities. It honestly makes my business (+ life!) so much saner. 🙌🏼

But one thing I didn’t touch on that I feel all of you beautiful people have to know about? How it helps me batch content and in turn simplifies my marketing process. It’s like gold!

A few things I batch on my bae, Trello:

1. Social Media

I love batching my social media posts on Trello (I link to another platform I love, AirTable!).

It allows me to plan out my online marketing efforts ahead of time and see what I should be funneling into my goals for the month. Not to mention once you have team members, it’ll make their lives a million times easier! You can ask my girl, Kayli.

2. Blog Posts + Newsletters

Trello is a fabulous place to keep track of monthly tasks you have such as curating blog posts for your site and newsletters to go out to your tribe! I label this my “marketing and promotion” board. I’m always crazy honored when I’m asked to join a podcast recording or am featured in a blog post, so I also add promotions to the mix on this board so I can share the goodness of other boss babes!

3. Graphics

Does this one really surprise you? ;) Of course, I use Trello to help me keep track of my plethora of graphics — for clients, for launches, for Instagram, whatever it may be for these babies are stored in Trello.

The fact that I can sort them all by board makes my life a gazillion times easier! For clients, they get their own Trello board with links to their final designs. For my branding, I can find any design or resource I need with a simple click. No scrolling, scrolling (+ more scrolling!) just to get just the design I was searching for. For my blog, I also batch my feature images, Pinterest images, content upgrades and social share images. I then link to them on Dropbox so my team and I can find just the right image at a moments notice.

4. Branding Baby

I touched on this a little earlier but having all of my graphic elements in one place really makes my biz life so. much. easier. Fonts, bio info, brand photos, hex codes — they’re always easy to find, copy and share.


Tell me: Do you like to use Trello to simplify your life + biz? Let me know in the comments.

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