Why should I buy templates when I can get them for free?

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Can we address the elephant in the room? 🐘

 If you already have a Canva Pro subscription, you already have a bunch of free templates at your disposal.  So... why would you spend money on the templates in The Canva Template Shop?
It’s a totally valid question, and I promise I’m not offended if it’s crossed your mind 😉.
The truth is, there are some really stunning templates inside of Canva’s free library. And when you want to whip up a graphic so you can post that random thought that popped into your head in the shower, these free templates can be super convenient! 
But unless you’re really good at 
 ✔️ Mapping out your full content strategy
 ✔️ Knowing exactly which graphics you need to execute it
 ✔️ AND have the time to browse through all those options to find matching templates that will keep things looking somewhat consistent… 
Those free templates are only going to get you so far.
If you ever feel like…
  • Your Instagram feed is all over the place, even though you’re using similar colors and fonts
  • Your lead magnets look like they were created in a rush, with a look and feel that doesn’t do your content justice
  • Your presentation slides never quite look on-brand, and you know there’s a disconnect with what viewers will see once they visit your sales page or website
  • Your Facebook group looks like a random online hangout, not an extension of the brand and business that you pour so much love and effort into
  • Your blog posts look like walls of text and you’re not sure how to create graphics that add value and match the rest of your branding
Then you’ve already realized that the solutions you’re using right now are missing the mark. And in your heart, you know it’s time to step things up. 
⚠️ But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s time to do a whole rebrand or add a graphic designer to your team.⚠️

The Canva Template Shop’s collections have been intentionally designed to act as a done-for-you brand and content strategy. 

With these templates ready to go in your Canva dashboard, you no longer have to think about which pages belong in a high-converting lead magnet, what type of content stands out on Instagram, or how to put together an engaging webinar.
We’ve thought about all of those things for you, and turned that knowledge and expertise into Canva templates that work for online businesses like yours.
The fact that they all match and give you the brand consistency you’ve been craving? That’s just a bonus.
I hope that answers your questions about whether or not investing in Canva templates is worth it. And regardless of whether you decide to purchase our templates or not, one last little reminder for you:
Investing in your brand is always worth it — and it always pays off in the end. 
I’ve been in business for just shy of a decade now, and every investment I’ve made in my visual brand has come back to me at least tenfold. 
I'm just sayin’.
Rooting for you, always!
xo, Nicholette
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