3 Tips for Making Buying from you Stupid Easy [Prep for More Sales Series — Part 4 of 5]

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In this ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series, I’m sharing five days' worth of easy tweaks you can make to optimize your sales page and get yourself ready for your most profitable sale ever! Each of these super actionable quick wins can be implemented in 20 minutes or less and will have a HUGE impact on the conversions + clarity of your page. Let’s get that money, honey!

Alright babe, I want you to think back to the last online purchase you made. Doesn’t have to be for your online biz. Me, I’m thinking about my latest Anthropologie spending spree. (My fave ❤️️)  

What was the shopping experience like? Was it super easy to find what you’re looking for? 

What about when it came to actually hand over your hard-earned dollars for that thing that caught your eye? Did you find the “Buy Now” button in, like, 3 seconds flat? Were you able to auto-fill your credit card or PayPal deets and move on your merry way?



When it comes to your Black Friday offer (or any offer, for that matter), you need to make it stupid easy for people to buy from you. Taking the time to optimize your buying experience is so important, otherwise, you run the risk of confusing your buyers… and losing them!

There are times to play hard to get, babe (wink wink) but closing the sale is not one of them!

If you want people to buy from you, you need to s-p-e-l-l it out for them and show them exactly how. Don’t be hiding your checkout behind a gazillion product pages: make it clear for your peeps that they need to “Click here to buy”, and then optimize that checkout process so it’s easy breezy. 

3 tips for a shop-able customer experience

You know I’m all about making these things easy to implement for you. So, here are my top 3 tips for making buying easier and better for your customers. 

1. Have an easy checkout process (3 clicks MAX — count them!)

Remember the mantra, love: less is more. While you might be inclined to think that more info and more steps = a better client experience, the opposite is actually true. 

Including tons of steps between convincing your buyer to buy and actually getting them to complete the purchase can reduce the chance that they’ll actually buy. You run the risk of throwing them so much information that they forget to circle back and actually buy! 

Open up your landing page, go through the checkout process, and test it for ease of purchase. Eliminate everything that’s not needed. Then, fire a link over to your biz bestie and get her to test it for you too. I bet she’ll find things you didn’t even think of! 

2. Offer two ways to pay on the final checkout page

Not everybody shops or buys in the same way. Believe it or not, I still know people without a PayPal account! So, be sure to offer more than one way to buy from you. 

Just don’t overwhelm them (or yourself) with too many options! I recommend sticking to two ways to pay: card checkout + PayPal are the magic duo. 

And if you’re offering a product with a larger price tag ($300 or higher), consider offering a ‘pay in full’ option and a payment plan.

3. Promote your sale wherever you're already talking to your buyers

Having a “shop” page on your website is a total must, but you’ve got to think about all the other ways someone might be finding your sales page. Do you have a big Insta following? Promoting your sale to your email list? Have an announcement bar on your website home page or blog?  

How can you make it stupid easy for them to buy from you where they’re already interacting with you?

Social posts, links in blog posts, and clickable visuals in your email campaigns can be some serious money makers — just make sure they’re all linking to the same sales page that you’ve already tweaked for optimum conversions. Take it from me — visuals are magic like that ;) 

BONUS: The Stupid Easy Buying Checklist 

Want to take those steps even further? Thought so, you keener you! 😉

Pull up that landing page + checkout of yours, and see how it measures up to this checklist.

  • Include a clear CTA
    Clear > clever when it comes to your call to actions. Now isn’t the time to be cute or fancy-schmancy with your copy. Make sure your buttons are crystal clear and use CTAs like “Buy Now” and “Click to Buy”, so you don’t confuse your potential buyer.
  • Use BOLD colors
    Okay, you don’t hear me say this often babe, but … it’s okay to deviate from your brand colors. To really make that CTA stand out, consider adding a bold pop of color that really contrasts with the rest of the page.
  • The important info is above the fold.
    All this means is that everything your buyer needs to buy is on the page without them having to scroll up or down. Make sure your big, bold, beautiful BUY NOW button is right at the tip-top of the page.

If you’re not ticking all those boxes, it’s time to do some tweaking, friend! 

Want more tips?

Lucky for you, there’s more to come! Here’s what else you’ll learn in the ‘Prep for More Sales’ blog series:

  1. How to create a totally irresistible offer
  2. How to limit distractions on your sales page to increase conversions
  3. How to bust objections + make potential buyers think you’re a mind reader
  4. 3 tips for making buying from you stupid easy (this post right here!)
  5. How to create urgency to sell out your offer

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See you right here again soon!


xo, Nicholette


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