How Reels and Instagram Video Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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Does it seem like your social media feed is entirely video content lately? It probably is. That's because videos drive a huge part of internet traffic now — over 80% — and platforms like Instagram and Facebook are prioritizing video in their algorithms. That means you’ll be seeing a lot more video content in the future, too… and so will your audience!

You've probably even had several funny Reels bouncing around your Instagram feed and wondered if you’ll have to point and dance on camera soon, too. After all, you want to create content that your audience wants to see. Don’t worry, though; you can create useful content that positively impacts your business without doing what everyone else does.

Whether you're on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or TikTok, there are plenty of ways you can get started using video content for your business. Remember, though: You do you!



Why video content is soooo important

Did you see that Instagram announced that it's no longer a photo-sharing app? That means Instagram now favors video content more than regular feed-style posts, and other platforms like Facebook and Pinterest are following in their footsteps. 

This is why we really want to encourage you to start using video as part of your business growth strategy. Thanks to changes in the algorithm, creating video content gives you a better chance of getting your offers in front of more eyes. Not only will your followers see your video content more often than your regular posts, but potential new followers could, too, simply by searching a hashtag or just exploring the Reels section of the Instagram or Facebook app.

With video, you’re essentially casting a wider net that helps you draw in more people. That can help you nurture relationships, drive more leads, and (yes!) sell more.


What kind of video should you create?

Share a Story

The best way to get started with video? In our opinion, it’s easiest to try Instagram Stories! They're a low-commitment way to get your feet wet. There's far less pressure with these because they disappear after 24 hours, so even if it's not your best work, it will peace out. Loe a Story you created? You can save them on your Instagram highlights if you do decide you like them enough.


Go live!

Live videos, no matter what platform they're on, can help you test out your content and gauge interest while keeping things a little more personal with your audience. You can talk to your people directly, in real-time, about some of those awesome new ideas you've got brewing in your head. You can also see what they think before you go all out with it, or start a conversation about something you’re an expert in. We recommend trying out Instagram Live, but Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok have live options, too. 


Create a Reel (you know you want to!)

If you’re ready to see what the fuss is all about, why not create your first Reel? (Or maybe create another Reel if you’ve tried it already.) Reels are gaining popularity FAST and, as more people tune in, the more Instagram is going to prioritize them in their algorithm. The good news? You don't have to dance or point to create a Reel. Just show up as yourself (even if it's a messy bun kind of day). 

Need a bit more guidance on what to do? We’ve got a complete Reels guide ready for you.


Upload an Instagram video

Lastly, we recommend checking out Instagram video (previously called IGTV). This is similar to Reels but can run longer videos (up to one whole hour!). You can show a 15-second preview of your video as a post in your feed and save them to the videos tab in your Instagram profile. Make these videos interesting, engaging, and super actionable. That way, when someone does watch it, it’s like getting their own personal tutorial! 

Of course, no matter what kind of video you create, you want to make sure you have a thumbnail cover that is on-brand so you don’t clutter up your feed!


Where should you start?

If the idea of utilizing ALL of these platforms and creating a ton of video intimidates you, don't panic. While video is helping all kinds of businesses find their niche and reach their ideal audience, you don't have to do everything at once. And you definitely don’t have to create video that looks like everyone else’s!

Start by asking yourself: What platform do I like the most? There's no point in dragging your feet to hit that record button just because you feel like you "have to." We want you to show up as your most authentic self, and if the idea of getting on TikTok gives you the ick, don't do it! If you love Instagram and spend all day on that, play with the video options over there. If you want a more polished, professional, and maybe even scripted look to your videos, try out YouTube! Play around with it.

Going anywhere other than where you shine is just a time and energy sucker. Videos are an important business tool, but who says you can't enjoy making them? Figure out what makes the most sense to you and start there.


Decide what you’ll talk about

Terrified at the thought of talking about something on camera, or making a sassy Reel? Think about the one thing you could talk about until you’re blue in the face — we’re sure have it! Just make sure it relates to your business and then hit RECORD. You don’t have to use trending audio or any silly dances to share your thoughts on Reels, either. You can just talk to the camera!

Here’s another tip: You can also repurpose your content to create a new video. Let's say you had a killer Instagram Live last week. Feel free to turn that into a more fully fleshed-out video you can publish on YouTube. You can also post the same content on Facebook and Instagram (Stories included). You can turn some of your favorite blog points into short-and-sweet Stories or Reels, or you can create an entire Instagram video series.


Make your videos look amazing

Now… here comes the technical part. When you publish a video anywhere, you want to make sure it has a few elements:

  • A great title
  • A strong caption that drives action
  • Hashtags or keywords in the caption
  • A great video thumbnail or cover

When you have video on your social media feed, it can often pull a not-so-favorable image to throw into your feed or video tab. Creating Reels can make things look inconsistent — and it can be hard to grab a cover that makes people want to click while they’re browsing!

We’ve got something that can help: Canva video cover templates for Instagram!



Our Melanie Instagram Reels & Instagram Video Templates include:

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Now’s the perfect time to create more video content — and make sure it looks great when you share it. 

You can start creating more Instagram videos and Reels and make your thumbnails and covers look amazing with these Melanie templates. You can grab them in the Shop right now for just $98...

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